festival of creative industries greateight
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4 — 5
october 2018
The G8 Awards accepts online applications for the contest from companies and independent professionals until September 9, 2018.
greateight —
200 speakers8 foreign speakers30 institutes of creativity70 hours of collaboration


all speakers
  • Никита Белоголовцев
    Руководитель направления сторителлинга,
  • Ната Покровская, Антон Уткин
    Режиссёры и сценаристы интерактивного кино и VR,
    студия Lateral Summer
  • Надежда Данилова
    Руководитель отдела дистрибуции цифровых медиа,
    компания Централ Партнершип
  • Sergey Schukin
    CBDO, game director ,
    Art of Ad


More than twenty schools involved in educating and boosting skills of the creative industry professionals will participate and share their insights with the guests.
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The second day of the festival will focus on creative practice. The G8 speakers will share the most progressive tools and techniques in the fields of creative business and creative thinking. Top creative directors, designers, bloggers and art experts together with the guests will develop new approaches to problem-solving in business and art-related industries.
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all juries
  • Artem Gladkov
    Leading Designer,
  • Данила Шорох
  • Artem Ivanov
    Creative Director,
    BBDO Moscow
  • Evgeniy Kuzmin
    CEO & Art director,

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